Sir Jack Brockhoff

Sir Jack Brockhoff was Chairman and Managing Director of Brockhoff Biscuits Pty Ltd, a business established by his grandfather in 1880. The business became part of Arnott-Brockhoff-Guest Pty Ltd and later, Arnott’s Biscuits Ltd.

Sir Jack was the youngest of three sons, all of whom were engaged in the family business. Throughout his life, Sir Jack was keen to assist others in the community less fortunate than himself.

Sir Jack was an astute share market investor as well as a successful businessman. His success enabled him to become one of Australia’s most significant philanthropists. In 1979 Sir Jack established the Foundation which bears his name with an initial amount of $5 million. On his death in 1984 he bequeathed a further considerable sum to the Foundation.

Since then the Foundation has granted in excess of $90 million, a substantial investment into Victorian communities.

This biography of the late Sir Jack Brockhoff written by Robert Murray provides an interesting insight to Sir Jack’s life, his successful commercial activities and the background and circumstances leading to him establishing the Foundation which bears his name. To find out more about Sir Jack please contact the Foundation for a copy of this biography entitled Biscuits & Beyond.